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first want to begin with images coming out of japan. the death toll is rising. but we don't know exactly how bad it is. because some of the worse hit areas were blocked away or wiped out. sos has been spelled, help is needed over the region. cameras captured the disaster. the 8.9 quake hit hard at 2:46 in the afternoon. the shaking went on for more than two minutes. at an airport, some huddled over the roadway and watched the ceiling crash down. within an hour, a tsunami roared ashore. wiping out farmland in ha matter of seconds. and the at the prefecture you could hear screams. it looked like a movie but it was all real. the buildings devoured by the wave in an instant. a stream of debris flow trapping cars and tearing entire homes away. boats and barges alike battled the incoming waves. which triggered a massive whirlpool. in one submerged neighborhood someone waved a white cloth from their second story window for help. the latest reports say 200 bodies were found along the water line at the closest city from the epicenter: the casualty report is lower than that. 741 missing and more
as soon as we get it. >>> top u.s. nuclear officials say it could take days even weeks to get japan's nuclear plant contained. officials have tried to use even water cannons. this is an animated model that shows what could happen to the plume of radiation from that damaged japanese reactor. federal officials say this does not pose a danger but here on the coast, scientists are keeping a watchful eye on that plume. as more people head out of japan into the united states, passengers are coming under new scrutiny as security agents begin screening for radiation. >>> meanwhile, president obama has been trying to reassure americans that we are safe. they don't expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast or any other part of the united states. >> further more the centers of disease control do not recommend the people of the united states take precautionary measures beyond staying informed. >> the president also promised to keep americans up to date on the crisis in japan. >>> the california department of public health today joined with all of the others who were saying that
from japan is diluted into the atmosphere. that no one more than a few miles of the plant is at risk. this afternoon, federal officials said labs advisory center is at this hour actively tracking the plume. they declined to provide details or let me inside today. these pictures are from my most recent visit. the fire, however, is worry. lifting potentially radioactive particles into stronger winds. still, even the much more serious explosive meltdown sickened no one more than 30 miles away. >> it's not the radiation risk, it's an issue. it's really the technology is probably at risk. because of the perception. >> reporter: the perception of risk. i want to show you this website. this is a real time live radiation network recording of radiation levels across the country. you can see the numbers here in the san francisco about 32. the numbers up and down the coast all very low. only until about 130 counts per minute is there any concern. in 53 years, there has never been a single death in the united states from nuclear power accidents. now you should combine that with the fact that 3
. >> the u.s. department of energy specialisterize now in japan. and berkeley-nuclear engineer are installing a radiation detector on campus although they insist there is no radiation problem here. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the earthquake damaged the nuclear reactors in japan is raising eyes about california's nuclear reactors. ktvu's mike mibach is in san francisco with what he learned. >> reporter: right here outside of pg&e headquarters, one of the power plants. tonight in this earthquake prone state they are calling for more studdies. >> reporter: california's nuclear power plant, today images from the filt near sacramento closed in 1989. officials say nuclear fuel remains on site. >> a small amount measurables. >> reporter: the nuclear power plant creates 15% of the state's electricity. it's designed to with stand a 5.5 magnitude quake. >> the structure where we pull in ocean cooling water for the cooling source is designed to with stand a tsunami up to 45 feet. >>> fault was detected a half mile away from the plant. >> we along with the usgs discovered the shoreline fault. >
have been stopped due to the earthquake. >> it's been problematic. >> reporter: a main concern in japan is power. with the destruction to the power lines, the companies are concerned about blackouts. so they decided to do rolling black outs through the rest of the month on a daily basis. what they have told us, there are 23 wards that will not be effected. we understand from our taxi driver, that some of the major companies have shut down for the day, even though it's monday. >> reporter: put on the television news reports where there have been breaking news from the power companies. but i wanted to show you one thing, since we arrived here, we have experienced some 2, 3 aftershocks and it's rocked the hotel room. i was in the middle of an interview and it was rocking the building. i wanted to show you the cell phone that i got has an earthquake setting and when i set that, as soon as i got here it started ringing like crazy. just seconds before the aftershock. it's really been an uneasy situation here for people in tokyo because here we are days after and you are still feeling the shak
. >>> death and devastation in japan after that monster earthquake and tsunami. as many as 10,000 people are now feared dead. >>> the clean-up at the tsunami- damaged santa cruz harbor is expected to last for days and we'll show you what salvage crews are facing tonight. >>> off-track, big problem for b.a.r.t. riders and the situation fixed in time for the morning commute. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is kutv channel 2 news at 5:00. >>> b.a.r.t. is using buss for shuttle passengers between the pleasant hill and pittsburg-bay point station. kutv's john sasaki has been talking to bart officials will the problem and the solution. john. >> reporter: heather, we're standing outside the concord b.a.r.t. station and look up there and you can see what is still a twisted mess. almost nine hours after this train derailed. although we just learned that crane is too small for this job, so i so a bigger one must be brought in. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a san francisco-bound b.a.r.t. train derailed at 9:20 this morning giving
can see weather patterns where you live. the address is ktvu.com. >>> now to the crisis in japan. japanese engineers said today the only way to avert a radio active catastrophe might be to bury the reactor in sand and concrete. the suggestion came as the japanese government raised the crisis to a level five. that is equivalent to when the core partially melted down at 3- mile island in 1979. some see the idea of burying the reactor as a sign that peace meal steps such as dumping water on the plant are not working. >>> this afternoon radiation from that crippled nuclear plant was detected thousands of miles away in sacramento. but the amount of radiation here is said to be so small it causes no health threat. ktvu's john fowler live where scientists are also trying to pick up signal. >> reporter: in the last hours, they've told me minute of the two isotopes have been found here in the bay area. now, they are at levels vastly lower than can be detected by ordinary detectors like this. this is registering normal background about 1.5. that's low actually normally. these new detection
what it is. >>> u.s. officials hope congress today that in light of the catastrophe in japan they are keeping a very close eye on america's nuclear facilities. >> review of this information combined with our ongoing inspection and licensing over sight, allow us to say with confidence that the u.s. plants continue to operate safely. >>> nuclear officials told the senate economy they are review u.s. plan particularly the ability to protect against natural disaster and power outages. as for japan, one expert predicted recovery will be slow. >> long term cooling of the reactors and pools is essential during this period and has not been adequately restored to date to the best of my knowledge. a massive clean up operation obviously remains for the future. >> reporter: in japan today, the operator of the damaged plant says that crews are struggling to pour water to cool the reactor. the death toll has been raised to 11,000. and they say they expect to rise as high as 18,000. >>> u.s. nuclear plants have had a number of close calls. the u.s. public interest group says since 1990, fed
in tripoli. what progress is being made? >> the search for survivors. what's happening today with japan's damaged nuclear reactor. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is k tvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. it was a soggy ending to another bay area winter as a powerful storm moved through last flight with winds strong enough to bring down trees. >> reporter: you talked act the trees this is one of them. you can see this tree came down and left this giant crater in the driveway of this house. you can see a little bit of pipe. that is part of the gas line to this home and that gas line and that break prompted a three hour evacuation in this neighborhood. this morning crews from berkeley started clearing this pine tree that came crashing down at about 10:40 last night, noah lives just across the street. >> we were watching the tv. we thought it was thunder but we didn't see lightning. my daughter said some tree landed on us. >> reporter: tree pulled the gas line out of the meter sending a cloud into the neighborhood.
. >> in japan today, new radiation tests near the nuclear power plant show a much greater level of contamination and the plant's owners are issuing an apology. >> we want to apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the fact that the effects of this serious accident have spread to the atmosphere, waterways, farm products, and drinking water. >> sea water outside the plant contains the highest levels of contamination since the crisis began. it's more than three times the legal limit of radioactive iodine. >> we need to be vigilant and we have to make further efforts. >> unlikely to build up significantly in fish. meanwhile, many japanese citizens have moved away from that contaminated reactor. today the emperor and empress visited tokyo. they asked the agency if japanese citizens should be evacuated farther away from the plant. he would advise japan to carefully assess the situation. >>> federal regulators tried to reassure about the safety of nuclear power plants here in america. one senator asked the head of the nuclear regulatory commission if any u.s. plants are as of the same design as the
.com is the address. >>> the prime minister of japan said today that he can see "the light at the end of the tunnel you can but efforts to save -- but efforts to save a nuclear power plant had a setback. one will require a three-day repair job and workers had to clear out after smoke appeared. they say despite the scares there appears to be no further damage. >> number 3 had gray smoke coming out of it. the source of the smoke is unknown. although there's indication there's been no increase in temperature or in radioactivity. >> 415,000 people are living in emergency shelters in japan. but human tearian groups are -- humanitarian groups are helping those. they believe the death toll in japan will top 18,000. >> the top usgs official said japan's warning system may have saved lives in japan. it gave people time to take action. >> that's enough time to slow the bullet trains, get people under desks, to -- to have an operating room, have the -- doctor the -- have the doctor pull the knife back. there's a number of things you can do in that short amount of time. >> funding to develop a similar system f
for the day. analysts say worries about japan, libya and the cost of oil are causing concern. here are today's closing numbers, the dow fell 17 points to close at 12,018. the nasdaq fell eight points to close at 1723. >>> the allies bombarded libyan defense centers rebels pushed back against government forces. today fires continue in the skies of tripoli. in moscow, america's secretary of defense called those claims outright lies. >> the vast majority if not nearly all civilian casualties have been infected by gadhafi. most of our targets virtually all of our targets are isolated, nonpopulated areas. >> the allies suffered their first big loss today when a fighter jet crashed in libya. the two crew members were ejected safely and were rescued by a team of american militants and taken to safety. the f15 that crashed had a $28 million price tag and the allies -- $15 million each. today at a news conference in el salvador says he will cut his latin american trip short by a few hours and head home tomorrow. -- >>> late today gadhafi spoke on libyan state television, mocking the allied attacks. g
indicate the level of radiation near a damaged power plant in japan. is getting worse. >>> and yemen's president recalls calls to step down in spite of his own promises to quit. more on in the latest turmoil if the middle east. >>> be prepared to pay more when you go shopping if the bay area. sales taxes will go up on friday in several communities. the tax hike may trigger some short-term sales for bay area businesses. >> reporter: every dollar counters when you're buying big ticket items, and so when you talk about a sales tax increase, some consumers may be persuaded to hurry up and buy before it goes into place. >> some will rationalize buying things now to save that 1% and so i think there will be some sneaking in purchases, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to be aware of that. p.m. >> reporter: the hike will go into effect on april 1st in several bay area cities. that means sales tax rates at 10% or higher. a consumer psychologist says that there will be a long-term effect on spending. >> you know, that 10% mark is really a threshold for consumers, and once it tops 10%, i think i
of the japan troubled nuclear plant caused the closure of a local nuclear power plant. >> let what is happening in japan be a lesson. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in japan tonight another set back for the crews at the damaged nuclear power plant. two workers were rushed to the hospital after stepping into radiation standing water. the two were standing on a floor near the number three reactor. a third worker was also exposed to radiation but did not require any treatment. >>> off the coast of japan, more than 300 military personnel helped scrub down the u.s.s. ronald reagan. navy officials say the carrier, crew and all aircraft will be rechecked for radiation after the clean up. >>> in tokyo, people are still stocking up on bottled water despite better news today about the water quality. but the governor of tokyo said the government will continue to distribute water for children to drink just in case. >>> a strong earthquake shoot parts of north asian today. near the borders with thailand and laos. some people felt the earthquake some 400 miles away in bangkok. >>> and today yosemite h
are remembering elizabeth taylor. but it is nothing to do with acting. >>> issuing a warning in japan about the tap water there. the levels are about two times the recommended limit for infants. parents are being told not to give tap water to babies in tokyo. radio active iodine can cause thyroid cancer. health officials say the current radiation level is not a danger for adults. >>> japan's government tonight says the cost of the earthquake and tsunami could reach $309 billion making it the most expensive natural disaster in history. the death toll tonight continues to rise with more than 9400 bodies recovered and more than 14,700 people listed as missing. >>> we first reported on this yesterday. the united states has now become the first country to ban food imports from the areas closest to japan's damaged nuclear power plants. the food and drug administration says the ban includes milk, vegetables and fruits. another concern for some consumers is the safety of sushi and fish caught in the pacific but some food experts say you don't have to worry. >> the fish that is here is probably comi
>>> another frightening discovery at japan's nuclear power plant, plutonium has been found at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant. this could mean a turn for the worst. >> it has gotten out, either in the water or from a reactor core breach. it's not a good development. >> officials say water in a tunnel near the plant was found to contain radiation at 100,000 times normal levels. high levels were also discovered in sea water. the list of u.s. states reporting race amounts are growing with maryland and south carolina on the list. we should make it clear, that experts say the levels are so small they pose no threat. coming up, the latest on the impact here in the bay area. >> several genotype from a sworm of minor earthquakes. four earthquake struck near the geysers. according to the usgs the smallest was 1.0. no reports of injuries or damage. >>> the california public utilities commission held a hearing today to see if pg&e was in contempt. pg&e officials testified why they should not be held in contempt. if they vote to hold pg&e in contempt it agreed to a $3 million fine right away
six points. >>> and we'll be right back after this short break. >>> today the prime minister of japan said the situation at the damaged nuclear reactors is grave and maybe worse than first thought. there maybe a breech in the core of reactor unit three raising fears of more radiation leaks. crews also found water that is ten thousand times more radio active than normal. people who live around the facility have been told to stay indoors or move to other areas. >>> two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami hit japan the death toll has now hit 10,000. that number will most likely go much higher because 17,000 are still missing and hundreds of thousands of people who lost their homes still have no power or hot meals. >>> today the first cargo ship arrived at the port of oakland. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar is at the port port of oakland where that ship is unloading. >> reporter: you will see the korea, it arrived today and some people wonder is this black ship radio active? after leaving yokashama it quickly arrived in oakland. people at the port are not concerned. >> it doesn't rai
japan to the bay of california. >>> this is not a rain event all weekend long; there will be some dry windows we'll try to highlight those for you. we do have higher clouds moving into the bay area. partly to mostly cloudy skies. as far as rainfall, nothing to show you right now in the bay area. we have to go to the north, right around the california oregon border. but that rain coverage will be on the increase. it was very warm out there today. remember just last week at this time we had temperatures only in the mid-40s, they were worried about snow levels to base clown sea level. tonight a completely different story with readings up to the 50s. a few upper 60s on here. they warmed up to # 0 degrees by afternoon. we do have this, high clouds lows will be in the 40s for this weekend rainfall. especially for late saturday. we're going to hold on to showers on sunday. the extended forecast still partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures. so far on the satellite you can see the clouds approaching the north coast and just a limited rainfall up here. this will be changing as we head into t
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